KVPA was among the many who congratulated best students in The 52nd Graduation Ceremony at AHITI Kabete on 18th September 2015 with branded umbrellas. 

The following best students were congratulated  

1. Best student Animal health and Production Overall

2. Best student Animal health and Range management 

3. Best student Animal Health Applied Skills (AHAS) 

4. Best student Animal Health Subjects

5. Best student In Tick-Borne Diseases and related Subjects

Farm animals are an ancient, vital and renewable natural resource. Throughout the developing world, they are means for hundreds of millions of people to escape absolute poverty. Livestock in developing countries contribute up to 80 percent of agricultural GDP; 600 million rural poor people rely on livestock for their livelihoods. Globally, livestock are becoming agriculture’s most economically important sub-sector, with demand in developing countries for animal foods projected to double over the next 20 years. The ongoing ‘livestock revolution’ offers many of the world’s poor a pathway out of poverty.

Livestock not only provide people with food, income, traction and fertilizer but also act as catalysts that transform subsistence farming into income-generating enterprises, allowing poor households to join the market economy.

Holding back livestock development in poor countries are inappropriate policies, scarce livestock feeds, devastating diseases, degraded lands and water resources, and poor access to markets.

That being the case, the veterinary technologists and technicians will play a very important role in offering their expertise to help realize the Kenyan vision 2030 where we will be able to feed ourselves with the required animal proteins

And is due to this that the veterinary paraprofessionals are of immense importance in the livestock sub sector